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Venture Hothouse - Cloud-Based Software For Preparing Business Plans & Raising Investment

Our cloud-based tools make it simple for an entrepreneur, start-up, social enterprise or existing business to put together business plans and financial reports, which in turn will help to; raise crowd funding, raise equity and non-equity funding, provide key educational value to new businesses and students, develop a 3 or 5 year plan for an existing business, open a business bank account, apply for bank finance, apply for grant funding, or support an application for a place at a start-up incubation unit etc.

Our Tools are now available as a white label product for Enterprise Support Organisations, Universities, Professional Practices, Business Networks etc. and are already being used to efficiently support the work of business advisors and mentors across many such organisations. Please contact us for more information on how we can help.

Alternatively, as an Organisation, you may prefer to become an Affiliate of Venture Hothouse and therefore simply recommend our Tools, in which case we can make discount vouchers available to you.


With support from the British Venture Capital Association, during 2014 we launched ‘Fund My Business’; a portal where three different Editions of our cloud-based business planning and financial forecasting Tools are available to individual users on a subscription basis.

Individuals can subscribe now to use our Tools on the ‘Fund My Business’ website – www.fundmybiz.co.uk Discount vouchers for users are also available through our Partners. Our Partner contact details can be found on the Fund My Business website.

Our Tools are offered in three Editions, as follows:

  • Micro – includes a concise Business Plan and 3 Year financial Forecast - subscription cost is £10pm
  • SME – includes full Business Plan and 5 Year Financial Forecast – subscription cost is £18pm
  • Investor – includes full Business Plan, Investor Ready Financial Forecast, Financial Assumptions and Management Presentation Slides – subscription cost is £25pm

If you would like more details, please complete our Enquiry Form on the Contact VH Page.